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Responses needed on environmental survey

December 5, 2012

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December 31, 1969

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Faculty, students, staff and administrators are invited take this environmental survey created by the Institute for Community Sustainability. ( This survey will be used to assess the Institute for Community Sustainability efforts on campus. This is the third time that we are releasing this survey to gauge ISU's concern about environmental issues. We are starting to develop a timeline of responses which will be useful in assessment of our campus sustainability efforts. So if you have taken this survey in the past PLEASE TAKE IT AGAIN so that we can track change in attitudes and knowledge through the years.

If you teach and would like your students to take the survey please direct them to the same Qualtrics code. When your students take the survey have them type in "Professor's name and Class" in the last question "What class or person asked you to take this survey". We are trying to get a control group of responses from students that do not self-select to take this survey so whole classes that take the survey will be examined to see if there is a different response from those that volunteer to take the survey outside of class (although in-class participation should also be voluntary).

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