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Music Business

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A message from Ted Piechocinski, Director of ISU’s Music Business Program:

Welcome to the Indiana State University Music Business program. I think you will find a great deal of interesting, informative, and useful information packed into this Music Business section. 

If you are a prospective student (or parent of one), you might first ask, “what is music business?”

Music Business is a general term that describes the breadth and depth of the music and entertainment industry, both domestically and internationally. While we are all familiar with the obvious players on the “music scene,” such as the performers, writers, and (sometimes) the producers of records, there are a great many music industry professionals who are intensely (and lucratively) involved in facilitating the development, production, distribution, and exploitation of music-related products. Areas such as music publishing, copyright administration, artist management, venue management, royalties administration, licensing, music retailing, musical instrument manufacturing and distribution, and the record business all require expertly-qualified professionals to ensure that the creators of music (performers, songwriters, composers, etc.) are being fairly and adequately served while, at the same time, ensuring that the music-buying public is also benefiting from the tremendous efforts of today’s creators of music, lyrics, and art. 

ISU's Music Business Program provides a wonderful training ground for the many varied skills needed by young professionals in the fast-changing area of the music/entertainment industry. While it is oftentimes difficult to predict in precisely which area of the vast music/entertainment industry a student might one day find her/himself, the ISU Music Business Program “prepares students to be prepared” for the many opportunities in the industry. Especially for the student who loves music, but realizes that pursuing a performing artist’s life is far too risky or who doesn’t think that life in a classroom teaching music would feed their passion, combining studies in music and business is a perfect solution. At ISU, students get terrific training exposure in traditional music skills and experiences while simultaneously diving into the world of music business from their very first semester.       

The ISU Music Business Program, begun in 1977, has a tremendous heritage and continues to be one of the strongest programs in the country.  Our approach is a solid combination of traditional curricula and innovative cross-disciplinary approaches. Of utmost importance to realize, as a prospective student, is that, in coming to ISU, you will be trained both as a learned musician and as a music business professional. We believe that a strong background in traditional musical training, including music theory, ear-training, music history, private lessons in an instrument or voice concentration, and involvement in ensembles, coupled with a strong array of classes in business (including marketing, management, finance, accounting, and economics) will best prepare our students to “walk the walk” and “talk the talk” in both music and business, thus making them more marketable in the broad world of music business

Our graduates and students are regularly placed in jobs and internships in all parts of the country. Through our great network of contacts and “people in the know” in all aspects of the music/entertainment industry, we can assist students in getting key internships and jobs. 

I would like to offer some highlights about navigating through this site. 

MIA/MEISA: these pages describe the activities of our music business students and their student-run organization, the Music Industry Association/Music and Entertainment Industry Students Association.

Degree Information/Requirements: in-depth information regarding what it takes to pursue an ISU Music Business concentration, including curriculum descriptions for the music, business, and general education requirements. You will also find links to university and departmental requirements and forms.  

ISU Music Publishing: in the coming months, we will be developing and beginning a real, viable music publishing company within our Music Business Program area.  This is a very exciting venture that will give students hands-on experience in deal-making, music engraving, editing, marketing, and delivery of product and services to local artists and customers. As the operation unfolds, it will be reflected in the web pages.

Internships: the culminating activity in the music business concentration is a six-month internship with a music-related company. These pages will describe the requirements of internships, expectations for students and the companies in which they intern. The pages also have links to great pages for tips about resumes, cover letters, and interviewing.

Music Industry Resources:  links to much information about the music/entertainment industry, including publications, company sites, copyright information, and other interesting information.  Also, this page will be used to highlight prominent news regarding the music/entertainment industry.

If you are a prospective student or parent of a prospective student, please feel free to contact me directly at any time to discuss any questions you might have about ISU, the Music Business Program, or Terre Haute, itself.  I encourage you to come for a campus visit, if at all possible.  It would be great to give you a tour and discuss how your interests and ours might merge. 

If you are a high school music educator or guidance counselor and would like to schedule a personal visit to your school to speak with students regarding this very exciting program and extremely viable career path in the music industry, please contact me at any time.

With best regards to you and your musical future,

Ted J. Piechocinski

Director, Music Business Program



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