Yurie Uto


Expected graduation date: Spring 2015.

Degree objective: Music Business Administration.

Instrument: French horn.

University highlights, achievements and awards:
ISU Wind Orchestra (2007 and 2011- present)
ISU Symphony Orchestra (2007 and 2011-present)
Founding member of “ISU Sycamore Brass Quintet” (2012- present)
Brazil Concert Band (Summer 2012)
ISU President’s Concert performer 2012
ISU Pi Kappa Lambda member 2012
Music Industry Association (MIA) member
“David H. Watkins Music Scholarship”
“Mark S. Hannig Scholarship in Music”

High School: Iwakuni High School.

Iwakuni, Yamaguchi, Japan.

Family ties to ISU: None. (I think I’m the first person from my family to come to America and study at a university.)

I chose to attend ISU because... I really wanted to come back to ISU and study music. I was an exchange student at ISU from Fall 2006 to Spring 2007. At that time, my major was English, but I got some opportunities to take performance classes such as Symphonic Wind Ensemble (now it’s called Wind Orchestra) and Symphony Orchestra. After I went back to Japan, I graduated from Baiko Gakuin University with bachelor of British and American Literature, and started working at a special needs school. I worked there three and half years teaching English and some self-care/ independence activities. I was really enjoying teaching and communicating with students, however, I still had a desire to come back to ISU to study music. Now one of my dreams came true. I would like to get a job using my English and musical skills after I graduate from ISU.

When I have free time, I like... going outside, hanging out with my friends, and having some musical experiences. I like taking a walk, so I sometimes take walks around campus and Fairbanks Park. I also have many wonderful friends at ISU. I feel I’m blessed that I am often invited to have dinner and to watch some movies with them. I also believe that music is my life. School of Music has a lot of concerts and recitals, so whenever I have free time, I go to see a recital/concert where I get inspired by their performances.

My favorite places on campus to study are... The Commons and University Hall. People usually eat foods at the Commons, but I like to study there in the early morning. I usually get to school around 7am, and there are not so many people at Commons around this time. University Hall is also a quiet and beautiful place, and it’s close to Fine Arts Building. I take most of the classes in FA building, so it’s convenient for me to study there between classes.

My favorite professor is... I cannot say who my favorite professors are, but at first, I really want to say that I sincerely appreciate Dr. Piechocinski and Dr. Kilp. Both of the professors support me a lot to study at ISU. Taking lessons from Dr. Kilp is one of the reasons why I decided to study music at ISU. When I was an exchange student, Dr. Kilp taught me how to express myself through pieces and encouraged me to play the horn. I was very shy and easy to lose confidence, but through the lessons, I gradually got confident to perform in front of an audience.

I also think that if I can take a class again, I would like to take Dr. Cobb Lippens’s “Music Skills” and Dr. Piechocinski’s “Artist Management.” Through Dr. Cobb Lippens’s class, I think my sight-singing and dictation skills got much better. I also enjoyed Dr. P’s class. I didn’t have any knowledge about artist management, but I got interested in being an artists’ manager through his class. Dr. Dean’s class is very hard, especially when he gives us a lot of assignments, but I am thankful that I’m taking his classes. I think I’m learning a lot not only about music history and music culture, but also about improving my writing skills. I’m sure that his classes and his assignments will be very helpful when I start working outside of school.

If I could share an afternoon with anyone, I would love to share it with...Anyone who would like to talk and have fun with me. I’m not good at either telling interesting story or entertaining people even with my native language, but I think I’m good at listening. I like to listen to and would love to understand people. I also like playing badminton. Let’s play together!

If I knew I could not fail, I would... If it were 5 years ago, I would be teaching English to junior high school students in Japan, and would be in charge of a wind band club. Now, I’m sure I would be a professional band or an orchestra performer!

After graduation, I plan to... work either in America or in Japan. I’m interested in working as an orchestra or a band manager. I also want to keep my English skills and want to be involved in music, so I’m now looking for possibilities to make this dream come true.

The one ISU experience I will always remember is/will be... performances that I participated in. A recent memorable performance is Mahler Fest in Colorado! Dr. Kilp found this opportunity and I went to Boulder, Colorado with Dr. Kilp and Nathan Rainy (senior horn student). We played Mahler’s “Symphony No.2.” I had goose bumps when I was playing because I was really excited and thrilled to play with a lot of amazing performers. Performing in Chicago is also one of the memorable experiences. Dr. George worked very hard to find an opportunity for Wind Orchestra players to perform out of school. On the way to Chicago, we also performed at two different high schools. I cannot forget this great feeling when we finished playing “Saxophone Concerto” by Dahl. We performed with our wonderful Saxophone professor Dr. Bro.

If I knew then what I know now, I would… pass an entrance exam of other university in Japan and might be having different career. Baiko Gakuin University was the last school that I applied when I was a high school student. If I had enough skills and knowledge of English, I would pass the entrance exam of university that I chose first, and I might have been working as a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer. However, I am really happy that I am here now. I feel like I was meant to come here.

If I could serve as a mentor for future ISU music students, I would tell them/suggest that they… go to recitals and concerts! ISU, especially School of Music holds a lot of and various solo, ensemble, band, orchestra, voice, and choral recitals/concerts. Attending those recitals and concerts are one of our requirements, but we can learn a lot from our friends, professors and professional guest artists. (Most of them are FREE for ISU students!) I’m sure if you become a music student, YOU also become one of the performers. I would love you to be inspired by other people’s performance and I would love you to inspire others with your performance, too.

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