James Steele


Expected graduation date: May 2016

Degree objective: Bachelor of Music Education

Instrument: Voice (Baritone)

University highlights, achievements and awards: University Honors Scholarship, participated in Alternative Spring Break 2012, toured with the ISU Concert Choir group to Chicago and Fort Wayne, was cast in the 2014 The Mystery of Edwin Drood Musical.

High School: North Vermillion High School

Hometown: Covington, Indiana

Family ties to ISU: My sister is currently studying here.

I chose to attend ISU because… My sister came to study a year before me and really liked it. I applied for the Presidential Scholarship and was offered it (but turned it down for the University Honors scholarship for financial reasons).

When I have free time, I like… to do a lot of different things. From playing other instruments, to running and going out with friends, there’s always something to do when I find the time for it.

My favorite places on campus to study are… The Bayh College of Education atrium for sure! It’s a very pleasant and calm environment and Jazzman’s always has good music playing.

My favorite professor is… Dr. Mark Carlisle. He is probably the most interesting and helpful person you will ever meet.

If I could share an afternoon with anyone, I would love to share it with… Jesus. That guy’s probably got some stories.

If I knew I could not fail, I would… Play the lottery! But realistically, I would probably start training to run a marathon!

After graduation, I plan to… teach music anywhere! I hope to be relatively close to home, but I would like to get out of Indiana for a while and teach music!

The one ISU experience I will always remember is/will be… Dr. Marilyn Bisch made me a sandwich in the middle of class once. That was pretty cool.

If I knew then what I know now, I would… Do everything exactly the same. There’s almost nothing I would change about the life I live today.

If I could serve as a mentor for future ISU music students, I would tell them/suggest that they… Don’t think that just because everyone tells you that this is a difficult major that that gives you a right to give up from time to time! That’s just being lazy! There will be a few times when you can’t get everything done, sure, but if you explain the situation to your professors they will almost ALWAYS help you out. And don’t wait until the last minute to do things!

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