Nathan Rainey


Expected graduation date: December 2012

Degree objective: Music Education

Instrument: Horn

University highlights, achievements and awards: ISU Wind Orchestra 2008-2012, ISU Symphony 2009-2012, founding member of the Terminal Velocity Wind Quintet, founding member of the Riverside Brass Quintet, ISU athletic bands 2008-2010, ISU Honors Recital performer 2010 and 2011, Contemporary Music Festival Student Recital performer 2010 and 2011. I was a student music and English teacher at Kosumwittayasan School in Thailand during the summer of 2011. I have also performed with the Terre Haute Symphony Orchestra and the Danville Symphony.

High School: Pike Central High School

Hometown: Petersburg, Indiana

Family ties to ISU: None

I chose to attend ISU because... It was where my former high school band director went to school. I now realize that this was definitely not the best strategy for choosing a university, but I feel very lucky. I cannot imagine myself studying anywhere else. I have had wonderful professors in my music education courses and my performance teacher is great, too. Everyone at ISU has been very welcoming.

When I have free time… To spend time with my friends and family. I have a close group of friends, with whom I enjoy relaxing, watching movies, and playing video games. I also enjoy traveling. In my life, i would like travel to many different parts of the world and immerse myself into their cultures. Of course, i love to play the horn, so I often spend my time practicing or playing in various ensembles.

My favorite places on campus to study are... the Library and the Fine Arts Building basement. I tend to be much more productive in the library though.

My favorite professor is... I have been lucky to have many wonderful teachers at ISU. It is very difficult to say that I have favorites, but there are professors who have inspired me. Dr. Brian Kilp has greatly influenced every aspect of my education. First, he has taught me how to be a professional through the way that I live, look, and act. Not only has he taught me how to play my instrument at a high level, but he has also taught me how to teach. Whether I decide to attend graduate school for horn performance or immediately begin teaching, Dr. Kilp has made sure that I am prepared for whatever I decide to do with my future. Also, Dr. Luebke has been a very positive influence on my education. I hope that I will be as passionate about whatever I decide to do with my career as she is about teaching. Before coming to ISU I was sure that I wanted to be a high school band director. Dr. Luebke has helped me realize that I have more options than that. I now feel comfortable teaching music to an individual of any age.

If I could share an afternoon with anyone, I would love to share it with... I have spent a lot of time trying to think of a famous composer or horn player with whom I’d like to spend an afternoon, but I can’t think of one specific person who stands out to me above others. Being a college student who is about to finish his degree, I am beginning to realize that I may not have as many opportunities to spend time with my family and friends like I’m used to. I cherish every afternoon that I have available to spend with my friends and family.

If I knew I could not fail, I would...Audition to play horn for Hollywood or Broadway musicals. Listening to these scores makes me very exited about being a horn player. I would also love to play for a professional symphony such as the London Symphony or the Berlin Philharmonic.

After graduation, I plan to... Continue chasing my dreams. During the past four years I have achieved some things that I never though were possible, which has given me multiple paths to choose from. There are multiple things that I would like to do with my life, and I’m not yet sure which I would like to pursue first. I came to ISU to become a music teacher, which is something that I would still want to do with my life. Over the past couple of years, my passion for playing the horn has really grown. I would, eventually, like to attend graduate school to obtain a degree in horn performance. My experience in Thailand has presented me more opportunities overseas. I enjoy teaching English as a second language, so that is something that I would also love to do at some point in my life. I would really like to find an opportunity in which I could teach music and English in an Asian country.

The one ISU experience I will always remember is/will be... Teaching music in Thailand. I learned more about teaching music during my two months spent in Thailand than I did during my entire four years of education at ISU. I am not implying that I have gotten a poor education at ISU. I simply mean that, through the experience, I developed teaching skills that would not have been possible in any other situation.

If I knew then what I know now, I would…have started a consistent practice routine at an earlier age. I sometimes wonder what my level of performance would be if I had known how to practice at an earlier age.

If I could serve as a mentor for future ISU music students, I would tell them/suggest that they… study abroad. My experience in Thailand was a wonderful experience. I wish that I had done it for an entire semester. Experiencing another culture really changed how I viewed every aspect of my life.

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