Laila R. Kteily-O’Sullivan

Dr. Laila R. Kteily-O’Sullivan comes to the School of Music at Indiana State in order to serve undergraduate and graduate music majors alike in the Music Theory and Aural Skills core curriculum. Dr. Kteily-O’Sullivan holds three degrees from the University of North Texas College of Music, including the B.M. and M.M. in Music Theory/ Jazz Studies and Ph.D. (College Music Education: Pedagogy of Music Theory). She has pursued extensive research at the university level in Aural Skills Acquisition and Music Learning Theory, and has devoted a great deal of time to understanding the needs of incoming undergraduates, freshmen in particular, with regard to their perception of the difficulty and/or relevance of college musicianship training. She has also worked extensively at training graduate teaching fellows in their pursuit of pedagogical skills in the Theory classroom. She has co-authored two texts with Regents Professor Gene Cho (“Passage to Music Literacy,” and “Melody Harmonization at the Keyboard,” Kendall-Hunt) and has published the freshman-intended textbook “Fluent with Fundamentals,” with Cengage Learning. Dr. Kteily-O’Sullivan has also pursued transcription, analysis, research and publication in various eras of Jazz and Latin music, and often includes these examples as a part of Theory and Aural Skills class instruction. She is known to her students as “Dr. O,” and can often be found spending her time outside of class, singing “explanations” to them in office hours.

Ph.D. and M.M. University of North Texas, College of Music
B.M. North Texas State University, School of Music