Composition Contest Results for 2015

Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra Composition Competition

No winner

Music Now Chamber Music Competition

Fabian Beltran, Six Preludes
Danny English, Mystery Sketches
Hye Kyung Lee, Shades of Clouds
Frank Nawrot, 100 Kilos
Ingrid Stölzel, In the Midst for Solo Piano
Roger Zare, LHC for Saxophone Quartet

We received over 200 entries for our National contests this year, making it a difficult task to select winners.  We would like to thank everyone who submitted compositions and wish everyone the best in their composition careers.

Student Recital Competition

Mundus Canis (A Dog’s World) - George Crumb (b. 1929)
Derek Meeker, guitar; Megan Casas, percussion

José/before John5 - Holló Aurél (b. 1966)
Sean Cook, Nick Olson, Stephen Sholey, and Nathan Spellman, percussion

glances (2002) - Tom Cipullo (b. 1956)
Katrina Wellborn, mezzo-soprano; Martha Krasnican, piano

Ballade, Pastorale and Dance - Eric Ewazen (b. 1954)
Christa Flores, flute; Nancy Bernal, horn; Martha Krasnican, piano

The Apple Orchard - Lori Laitman (b. 1955)
Logan Williams, tenor; David Gibbs, piano

Lambent - Dakota Jones (b. 1994)
Zachary Weldon, bassoon; Nathan Canfield, piano

Goodnight Moon - Eric Whitacre (b. 1970)
Jeehoo Kim, soprano; Nathan Canfield, piano

War Drum, Peace Drum for Snare Drum and Audio - David Reeves (b. 1973)
Nick Olson, snare drum

Rikai for Trumpet and Live Electronics - Adam Cuthbert (b. 1988)
Frank Harding, trumpet