Indiana State University values diversity in all of its forms and seeks through various mechanisms to:

  • Recruit and retain talented and diverse faculty and staff
  • Position ISU and Terre Haute as an employer and community of choice for diverse candidates

The most pressing need of our global workforce is the creation of environments that individuals from diverse backgrounds can thrive. Within these organizations, opportunities for greatness must be created where the importance of “others” is recognized. Greatness is created by recognizing and embracing greatness in others. The question of “will I fit” is paramount in the decision making process of many potential students, staff and faculty seeking a “university home”. The selection of ISU as that “home” relies heavily on ISU’s ability to relate how we desire and embrace a truly diverse community.

Guided by Goal 6, Initiative 4A, the Office of Diversity created the Eye on Diversity Series was developed to assist in the transformational change occurring at Indiana State University.

This series provides avenues for open discussions revolving around diversity; thereby, increasing understanding of diverse individuals, issues and topics. The goal of the series is to ensure that Indiana State strengthens and embraces the changing needs of their diverse students, faculty and staff. Each session is guided by a video and the discussions are facilitated by ISU faculty and staff.

All videos were purchased at full college and university licensing level. They can be used in the classroom, training room, or boardroom. For a description of each video, please click here. To borrow any of the videos, please click here.