MBA in Education Leadership


This MBA in Education Leadership will integrate the fields of management and education as well as academic content and clinical experiences to teach the skills and knowledge school leaders require. It will include specialized preparation in areas such as leadership, finance, human resources, organizational change, and student learning - all focused on both the business and education contexts.

It is a cohort-designed program with approximately fifteen students comprising the cohort. The program is designed to be completed within fourteen months (summer term, fall term, spring term and summer term). Students will complete four courses during the initial summer term, two courses in the fall term, two courses in the spring term, and four courses in the second summer term. The program will be clinically based, centering on an intensive year-long internship and project-based work within the candidate's school district.

Upon completion of the program, graduates are expected to be employed as a building level administrator within one year. Executive coaching will be provided by Indiana State University and the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation for the initial three year appointment as a school administrator.

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation is a critical partner in this program. Nationally, the Foundation provides a strong voice articulating the critical role that effective educational leaders and teachers play in student learning. Indiana State University was selected by the Foundation to be one of six universities nationally to offer this type of program. The Foundation has provided critical support in the design and delivery of the program. Their support also includes start-up funds, fellowships for students, and support for executive coaching as graduates assume leadership roles in Indiana's schools.


Educators who complete the MBA in Education Leadership at Indiana State University will receive quality, graduate-level preparation for a professional career as an educational leader committed to improving student learning in our ever-changing environment. The program emphasizes both theory and practice and will assist the graduates in developing problem solving, strategic thinking, and the management of organizational change within the context of education and business.

The MBA in Education Leadership is designed for public educators who have been identified by their district leaders as having the competencies and commitment necessary for effectively leading change in the education context.

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