MBA in Education Leadership


The MBA in Education Leadership is comprised of 36 hours based on four areas of study: business tools, integrative seminars, leadership, school improvement, and a clinical practicum/internship.

Business Tools

  • Advanced Management Practices
  • Quantitative Problem Solving
  • Management Accounting
  • Management Information System

Integrative Seminars**

  • Managing the Strategic Workforce
  • Strategic Financial Decisions
  • Strategic Supply Chain and Operating Decisions
  • Strategic Marketing Management

Leadership and School Improvement

  • The School Principal; Leadership for Changing Schools
  • School Improvement

Clinical Practicum/Internship - Culminating Experiences

  • Principal Practicum
  • Dynamic Strategy - An Integrated Approach

**A international study experience designed to provide MBA students with a global perspective in education and business may be integrated into the curriculum.

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