Mentoring Assistance Program

Are You interested in becoming a Prospective Scholar?

An undergraduate student must meet the following criteria:

MAPS is designed for the student who:

Common FAQ's

  1. Do I have to have work-study to participate?

    No. It is preferable, but is not a stipulation.

  2. Why don't you take incoming freshmen?

    Our purpose is student retention. Therefore we feel freshmen need to get accustomed to "college life", and establish a acceptable GPA, before bringing them into the program, because of the "employment" aspect of the program.

  3. How do I get a mentor?

    There is a application & interviewing process, after which, we first  attempt to match the student with a mentor that is tied to the mentees Career interest. If that isn't possible, we match them with a staff / Faculty member that is concerned about the success of the student.

  4. Once I'm paired with a mentor, then what?

    You work for the mentor, and the mentor works for you! Actually You & the mentor will meet, & discuss your availability, and what duties he/ or she wants you to perform, and then your on your way.

  5. How long can I be a mentee?

    As long as you are a enrolled undergraduate of Indiana State University.

Because of the success of this program, space is limited.