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"Negotiating Ethnic and Religious Identities"


           University of Louisville

University of Louisville

Louisville, KY

Friday April 21, 2017



The Midwest Association for Middle East and Islamic Studies and the University of Louisville are pleased to announce a call for papers for the MAMEIS Annual Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, April 21, 2017. We welcome submissions from scholars based in the Midwest (broadly conceived) on this year’s theme “Negotiating Ethnic and Religious Identities”.

Ethnic and Religious identity in the Middle East and Islamic societies has been and remains an important issue. The conference will explore the tensions in identity politics; how the state, civil society, and people create and maintain ethnic and religious cohesion; and the ways in which ethnic and religious identities emerge and change. We welcome papers and panels from a variety of disciplines, including, but not limited to: History, Geography, Anthropology, Sociology, Philosophy, Political Science, Comparative Literature, Religious Studies, and Cultural Studies.

MAMEIS-the Midwest Association for Middle East and Islamic Studies-is a non-profit organization which promotes and fosters community among the many scholars of Middle East and Islamic Studies based at institutions throughout the Midwest. MAMEIS is concerned with promoting the study of the Middle East and Islamic world and does not subscribe to any particular religious or political viewpoints or agenda. Our aim is to develop an open forum for discussion of scholarly issues, share news and information about regional events, and support collegial ties among our members.

Please submit a one page prospectus along with your name, title, and affiliation by February 13, 2017 to: James N. Tallon, President MAMEIS,

Twitter: @midwestmideast




For questions or other correspondence please contact:

Dr. James N. Tallon
President, MAMEIS

Twitter: @midwestmideast

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