Why ISU? Why LLL?

From one of our Undergraduates:

"ISU was the perfect place for me to earn my undergraduate degree. I received so much encouragement and support from the LLL Dept. The faculty at ISU provided me with so many opportunities to learn, network, and get involved on campus. For that, I am forever grateful."

From one of our Graduate Students:

"Here I have made true friends for a lifetime and I have been allowed access to a variety of extremely valuable opinions. Learning and enlarging your intellectual horizons is one aspect of studying at a higher institution but learning and enjoying life, with all its surprises, its richness, its layers of different feelings, and its diversity- that is ISU."

We asked our Graduate students why they chose to come to ISU. Their answers:

"The class size is small."

" A friend told me about his experience studying at ISU."

"I didn't have to take the GRE."

"I wanted to study language acquisition."

"Terre Haute is where I live and work. It seemed to make sense."

"ISU costs less than other schools."

'When I sent some inquiries to your program, the answers were very quick and kind."

"The cost and location."

"I liked the curriculum, and the size of the classes attracted me."

"Because the tuition of state universities is not expensive."

"A professor of the university from which I graduated suggested that it could be better to study at a not-so-big university for the master's degree. "

"There weren't so many students in your program and your program had a curriculum that I liked."

"Most of all, I wanted to come here to Indiana. I don't know why but I like it here."

"I chose ISU because I was looking for a combination Education/Language at the PhD level."

"At a small school (program) I could have more time to talk with Professors."