Study Abroad for Spanish

International Student Exchange Program









Costa Rica: Universidad Nacional

Nicaragua: Universidad Americana de Managua

Uruguay: Universidad Católica del Uruguay

College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS)(semester or summer):

Midwest consortium for Study Abroad

The following programs are offered for semester study:

Segovia, Spain- Excellent option for Spanish majors and minors at the upper-level- all classes taught in Spanish

Oviedo, Spain Great for students interested in combining Spanish-language classes with coursework in English, and who have had at least one year of Spanish.

Morelia, Spain An opportunity to take Spanish language along with courseworklin English on Mexican culture.

Rosario, Argentina A chance to study upper-level Spanish language/literature or civilization

Oviedo, Spain Opportunity for any student interested in intensive Spanish- no prior language necessary

Morelia, Mexico & Rosario, Argentina Excellent intensive Spanish language opportunities