Foreign Language Placement

Students MUST take a Placement Exam in order to be eligible for the following credits.

Student placed in 102 will be granted credit for 101 upon successful completion of 102, with C+ or better.

Students placed into 201 who complete 201 with a C or better will earn 9 credits for 101, 102 and 201.

Students placed into 202 who complete 202 with a C or better will earn 12 credits for 101, 102, 201 and 202.


Foundational Studies non-native Language Requirement

Students entering the University under the Foundational Studies 2010 program are required to complete two semesters of non-native language to meet the Foundational Studies requirement in this area. The requirement may also be met in the following ways:

Please note the following:

Information for International Students:

Additional Information for Placement Criteria

(Automatic) Placement criteria for those who have not satisfied the Foundational Studies Non-Native Language Requirement

(Screening done by Admissions office, based on record of FL study in high school)

Students are placed into 102 if they have

a) completed 2 or 3 semesters of a single foreign language in high school or

b) completed 2 years of a single foreign language in high school with at least a B average in one year.

All else: enroll in 101


  1. The CAPE Test is to be administered only to students who have already met the Foundational Studies non-native language requirement (completion of 2 years of non-native language(s) in high school or 2 semesters in college with a minimum C average). Students who have not completed the non-native language requirement are placed into a language class according to the criteria specified above.
  2. It is explicitly stated by the developers of the CAPE test that it is NOT designed to be used as a test-out exam, and that it is inaccurate especially in the lower levels. It is designed only for use as a placement test, where inexact measurement is acceptable.
  3. Each student who requests to take the CAPE exam should show proof via DARS that he/she has completed the Foundational Studies non-native language requirement. Students who cannot provide such proof are not allowed to take the exam and should be reminded of the automatic placement criteria outlined above.

Other Language Placement Information:

All entering students who are exempt from the Foundational Studies Non-Native Language Requirement but who wish to continue language study are required to take the Foreign Language Placement Test. Students may receive elective credits for their knowledge of the language. For information regarding this test, contact the University Testing Office.