graduate upcoming Courses


All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise specified -- Please check days and times with the dynamic schedule of courses


LING 511 Diachronic Analysis of English     Betty Phillips
LING 515 Topics in Sociolinguistics: World Englishes     Cecil Nelson
LING 520 Language Acquisition     Melanie D'Amico
LING 621 Phonetics and Phonology     Betty Phillips
LING 685 Pragmatics     Cecil Nelson
LING 792 Professional Seminar in Language Studies     Leslie Barratt


LLL 580 Assessment     Solange Lopes-Murphy
LLL 607 Intro to Problems of Research in LLL     Melanie D'Amico
LLL 709 Advanced Internship in LLL     Leslie Barratt


SPAN 504 Spanish Phonetics     Lisa Calvin
SPAN 695 Advanced Spanish Phonetics     Lisa Calvin

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