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Every year Foreign Language Day presents different cultural information and experiences for ISU students to learn more about the diverse cultures and languages they can learn here in the Department of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics. This Spring 2014 the event was once again a success.


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Undergraduate students learned about other languages and cultures from LLL's graduate students at Language Games Night


From WCPO Cincinnati a recent news story describes how college graduates with foreign language skills are highly valued by employers - read all about it here.


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Fall 2013 Classics Fest was a success with an attendance of 250 people comprised of students, faculty and staff. Pictured here are some of the attendees and photos of student presentations.

Be sure to visit the new Contemplative Garden behind Root Hall. Work on the garden is ongoing and soon it will be decorated with phrases in other languages provided by members of our department. The phrases will be:

Latin - CARPE DIEM Gather this moment

Korean - 행복은 많고 데만 있는 것이 아니다. Happiness does not always reside in abundance.

修身养性 Cultivate one's moral character and mold one's temperament
สมาธิ Contemplate, concentrate, meditate

                                             Japanese Help Desk
Instructor Yoshiko Cockerham has been working with Japanese international students to create the Japanese Help Desk, a special tutoring service available three times per week. The help desk provides wonderful interactive opportunities between Japanese and American students.

Four students from the Student Study Abroad Organization extend their learning experience to include charitable work with Fundación de Misiones Mi Tía-Betel in San José, Costa Rica.

 Dr. Ann Rider and Dr. Keri Yousif hosted a discussion panel as part of the College of Arts and Sciences Community Semester, "A Tale of Two Cities: Paris and Berlin" featuring community and campus speakers.

Spanish student Monica Block discusses learning idioms in Spanish in a local Costa Rican news report (you can see her after about 2 minutes)


STudy abroad videos and Blogs

Kaylie Davitto's blog from Madrid

Nicole Stroller's blog from Sevilla

Study Abroad videos: Click here!

"Five experiments by Northwestern's Adam Galinsky showed that those who have lived abroad outperform others on creativity tasks.  Creativity is also higher on average for first- or second-generation immigrants and bilinguals.  The theory is that cross-cultural experiences force people to adapt and be more flexible.  Just studying another culture can help.  In Galinsky's lab, people were more creative after watching a slide show about China: a 45-minute session increased creativity scores for a week." --Newsweek 19 July 2010, p. 50.

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