Russian is NOT currently offered.
Contact the LLL Dept. office (812-237-2366) to inquire further.

For Course Descriptions, see the Undergraduate Catalog.

101 Elementary Russian I -- 3 credits. Introduction to culture and language. Culture, lifestyle, and customs of Russian-language speakers. Fundamentals of language (pronunciation, intonation, grammatical structures), with development of communicative skills in a cultural context. Includes open-hour laboratory.

102 Elementary Russian II -- 3 credits. Continuation of Russian 101. Includes open-hour laboratory. Prerequisite: RUSS 101 or equivalent.

201 Intermediate Russian I -- 3 credits. Review of elementary grammar. Reading, writing, and conversation. Readings in Russian culture. Laboratory arranged. Prerequisite: RUSS 102 or equivalent.

202 Intermediate Russian II -- 3 credits. Continuation of Russian 201. Prerequisite: RUSS 201 or equivalent.

394 Studies in Russian -- 1-4 credits. Studies in Russian language, literature, or culture with topics changing from semester to semester according to the needs and interests of students. Note
This course is conducted in English.

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