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101 Elementary Italian I -- 3 hours. Introduction to Italian culture and language. Culture, lifestyle and customs of Italian-language speakers. Fundamentals of language (pronunciation, intonation, grammatical structures), with development of communicative skills in a cultural context. Includes open-hour laboratory.[FS 2010: Non-Native Language]

102 Elementary Italian II -- 3 hours. Continuation of Italian 101. Includes open-hour laboratory.
Prerequisite: 101 or equivalent. [FS 2010: Non-Native Language]

201 Intermediate Italian I -- 3 hours. Review of Italian grammar and syntax; practice in the spoken language; introduction to the civilization of Italy. Prerequisite: 102 or equivalent. [GE89 B1,E2; GE2000 MCS:IC]

202 Intermediate Italian II -- 3 hours. Continuation of Italian 201. [GE89 B1,E2; GE2000 MCS:IC]

301 Advanced Italian Grammar -- 3 hours. An overview of the major points of Italian grammar. Includes vocabulary building and communicative practice in both oral and written form.

394 Studies in Italian -- 1-4 hours. Studies in Italian language, literature or culture with topics changing from semester to semester according to the needs and interests of students. [Taught in English]

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