Language Studies in Multiple Languages

Undergraduate Minor Undergraduate Major Graduate Master's

LANGUAGE STUDIES MINOR (18 hours) (as of Fall 2010)*

Required courses: LLL200--3 hrs.;  15 hours from within the Department to include at least 6 semester hours at the 300/400 level. 

 One 100-level course may be counted toward the minor only if it is in a second area as denoted by a Department prefix—LLL, FREN, GERM, etc.—different from that in which most of one’s credits are obtained.


Additional Requirements:

A minimum 2.5 grade point average in all course work required for the minor. 


*Minors who declared before Fall 2010 are required to take 3 of the 15 credits mentioned above in a second area.  If this applies to you and you would prefer to follow the new curriculum, see your advisor about completing an exception form.  If you choose instead to change your catalog year, it will change all your degree requirements to that catalog year, not just the minor.

To See How To Declare a Minor, click here.


Required Core LLL Courses: LLL 200 Intro. to Language and Culture for Students of LLL--3 hrs.;
LLL 400 Senior Seminar for Students of LLL - 1 hr. (or LLL 402)

3 hours in a second language or linguistics course --may be at the 100 level.

18 hours at the 300/400-level course work from within the department

6 hours of more course work from within the Department or approved cognate course work from another Department.*

*Up to two 100-level courses may be counted if in a second or third language or linguistic area. Cognate and culture courses in English may be counted only if the student has completed the equivalent of a 100-level course in the same language or linguistic area.

An applied experience component within the 31 hours. May consist of:

The applied experience requirement may be waived for second majors.

M.A. in LLL, Cross-Linguistics Option (32 hours)

Research: LLL 607—3 hrs. "Research Methods in Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics"

Core: LLL 600—2 hrs."Current Issues in Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics"

Electives: at least 27 additional hours from graduate courses in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, 12 hours of which must be at the 600-level.

Other Requirement: Demonstrated proficiency in a non-native language.

Culminating Experience: Successful completion of written and oral comprehensive examinations, or with special permission a master's thesis (Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics 699—6 hrs, which counts toward the 32 hours of the master's degree).

No more than 9 hours of transfer credit will be accepted for the M.A. program. A minimum of 23 hours must be taken within the department.