Language Areas

Through this program, you have the option to pursue French, German, Latin, Spanish, Teaching English as a Second Language, or any combination of these or other languages offered by the department (Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, or Ancient Greek).  For particular course offerings, see the Undergraduate Catalog or the Graduate Catalog.  Simply find the prefix of the language that interests you (given below in parentheses). For an indication of how often specific courses are offered, consult the Dynamic Schedule of Courses, which includes the option of viewing past semesters.

For more information about the language areas, including any updates on courses, please visit the following links:

FOR High School Teachers and Students:

Group Visits to Campus
High school teachers are encouraged to consider bringing groups of language students to campus for a visit to our department.  For ideas of possible activities, or for setting up a visit, please contact the department chair.

Language Recruitment and Information
Teachers or schools interested in presentations about foreign language study and career opportunities are encouraged to contact the Department: or call 812-237-2366.

Summer Honors
The LLL Department often participates in this program, which offers talented high school students an opportunity to earn college credit and experience campus life.  Mini-Scholarships are available for all seminars. The ISU Summer Honors Homepage has information about student qualifications, costs and on-line application forms.  Visit the homepage at .