language studies Teaching Major: German

This major also requires completion of the College of Education's Professional Education Sequence, including LLL 490 "Language Teaching Methods" for licensure.

Required LLL courses (7 hours minimum): Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics 200--3 hrs.; 402--1 hr.; Linguistics 420--3 hrs.

Required courses (6 hours): GERM 201--3 hrs., GERM 202--3 hrs.

Electives (18 hours): 300/400-level course work to include
6 hours of culture (e.g., Study Abroad culture courses)
3 hours of literature (e.g., GERM 303)
3 hours of advanced grammar (e.g., GERM 301), and
3 hours of oral fluency (e.g., GERM 321)
3 hours German elective (e.g., GERM 394 or 495)

An applied experience component within the 31 hours. Must consist of at least 6 hours of 300/400-level course work taken in study abroad.