Frequently Asked Questions about Undergraduate Program in Language Studies

Does the Language Teaching Major confer licensure to teach in public schools? In order to become licensed to teach in Indiana public schools, you have to also complete the professional education sequence for licensure. Contact Education Student Services, CE 210, 812-237-3131, for details.

What if I decided on a career in teaching too late to do both the Teaching major and the professional education sequence for licensure? ISU offers a one-year Transition to Teaching Program that some students take after they graduate. Applicants for the T2T program must have the equivalent of an undergraduate degree in the area they want to teach and a 3.0 undergraduate GPA or a 2.5 GPA and five years experience in the field.

I am an Illinois resident. Can I apply for in-state tuition? Yes. See these links for details: Admissions (under "Cost"); and Midwest Student Exchange

Are dormitories and apartments are available at ISU? Yes. To view the different options, see

Who issues the I-20 for international students? How current does financial support information have to be?

The International Programs and Services issues the I-20, unless you are attending INTERLINK Language Center during the summer before enrolling. In that case, INTERLINK issues the I-20. You will need to provide current evidence (no more than 6 months old) of sufficient financial support to receive your I-20.

Where can I find information about obtaining a visa? The following website provides much information about visas:

What health coverage is available for international students?

All international students at Indiana State University must purchase health insurance. In the United States, the cost of health care is extremely high. There is no national health care program. The University's Student Health Center provides daytime out-patient care, but severe illnesses and injuries must be treated by an off-campus facility and medical personnel, with these costs being the responsibility of the student. Therefore, international students are advised, in accordance with their obligation to prove financial responsibility, that they must purchase health insurance. The University has a group policy with a private company which provides basic medical care for a student and dependents. Students may also continue a family policy from their home country provided that it has international coverage. Everyone must enroll at or before registration. Details regarding this coverage are available in the International Programs and Services or at the Student Health Center.