Faculty and staff


Ann Rider, Associate Professor, German


Nancy Blake, Administrative Assistant

Faculty members

Jon Bakos, Assistant Professor, Linguistics
Leslie Barratt, Professor, Linguistics
C. Brian Barnett, Assistant Professor, French/Director of First-Year Program
Marilyn Bisch, Instructor, Latin
Lisa Calvin, Associate Professor, Spanish
Melanie D'Amico, Assistant Professor, Spanish and Linguistics
Ronald Dunbar, Emeritus Professor, German
Cody Hanson, Assistant Professor, Spanish
Karina Hanson, Instructor, Spanish
Brian José, Assistant Professor, Linguistics
Sandra Kohler, Assistant Professor, German
Florence Mathieu-Conner, Instructor, French and Translation
Daniel Moore, Assistant Professor, Classics
Christina Panaggio, Instructor, French
Ann Rider, Associate Professor, German
Donald Shorter, Latin
Scott Sterling, Assistant Professor, TESL
Kori Swalls, Instructor, Spanish
Keri Yousif, Associate Professor, French
Katherine Zimmer, Instructor, Spanish

Emeritus Faculty

Peter Bruning, German
Michael D. Buzash, French
Jacques Delière, French
Angelo DiSalvo, Spanish and Italian
Charlotte Ghurye, German (deceased)
Donald Jennermann, Classics and Humanities
Felix Ilarraz, Spanish
Virginia Loyd, French
James O. Loyd, Latin
Carmen Montañez, Spanish
Cecil Nelson, Professor, Linguistics
Betty Phillips, Professor, Linguistics
Lewis Sego, Linguistics
Cherrie Soper, Spanish