Angelo Disalvo

disalvo_angelo Angelo DiSalvo, PhD
Professor of Spanish and Italian
PhD, Florida State University, 1980.
MA, Florida State University, 1978.
BA, University of South Florida, 1974.
Office: Root A-169
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2006 Recipient of Faculty Distinguished Service Award

1998 Recipient of College of Arts and Sciences Educational Excellence Award


Dr. DiSalvo earned his BA in Spanish-Latin Education in 1967 from the University of South Florida in Tampa. He received his MA in Spanish and Humanities in 1978 from Florida State University and his Ph.D. in Spanish with a minor in Italian in 1980, also from Florida State University. He came to Indiana State University in 1980, where he is now Professor of Spanish and Italian.


Professor DiSalvo does research on Spanish literature of the Renaissance period, and more specifically on Cervantes and his works. Every two to three years, he and Betsy Hine from the library direct a cultural tour of Italy. Professor DiSalvo will also be teaching in the future a methods course on teaching languages in the elementary schools. He directs a volunteer program for students to teach foreign languages in the local schools. He teaches Italian every Thursday to the second graders at Lost Creek Elementary school in Terre Haute.

Professor DiSalvo has read papers in different conferences on Cervantes and on Spanish Spirituality in the last twenty-two years. Two of these have been by invitation. He has delivered several presentations on Cervantes and Don Quixote at Vinceness U, University of Evansville and at the University of Southern Indiana. He has also presented papers at the Indiana Foreign Language Teachers' Association on the teaching of Don Quixote in high school and on
teaching languages in the elementary schools.

Other interests are travels to Spain and Italy (Madrid and Florence) and Spanish literature and Italian language.


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