Undergraduate Special features

Undergraduate work in the department prepares students for active involvement in an increasingly global society by fostering competency in and sensitivity toward languages and cultures. While the development of language skills is a primary focus, the program aims to provide a broad education in language, literature, linguistics, and cultures. In addition to sharpening students’ communicative skills in one or more languages, the program also provides students with the tools of general linguistic, cultural, and literary analysis.

A degree in Language Studies opens up numerous career paths. Teachers of languages, including English as a Second Language, are in high demand in Indiana and across the United States. Government offices and international companies need employees with advanced language proficiency, since the number of American consumers who speak languages other than English is growing rapidly.

The department offers programs particularly suited for students seeking a functional knowledge of more than one language to enhance their careers, and for students who plan to teach English overseas. Graduates with teaching English as a new language licensure may find employment in American public school systems, as well as in private schools and other countries.

In support of the liberal arts and sciences mission of the College of Arts and Sciences and ISU, the Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics participates in the General Education Program, the Honors Program, International Studies Program, the International Business Concentration, the Latin American Studies Program, and the Women’s Studies Program.

Program Enhancement Outside the Classroom

Recognizing the need to provide students with an extended context of language learning outside the classroom itself, the Department has worked hard to enhance its programs with experiences which enrich students' overall education, improve their credentials, and help foster a feeling of involvement in the profession. Some of these opportunities include:

Other special highlights which help make the Department distinctive include a summer program for high school honor students, a technologically advanced language laboratory, and particularly strong support for study abroad .