Teaching Licensure

Teaching Licensure for Undergraduate Majors
(38 hrs. + the College of Education's Professional Education Sequence)

The Department offers Teaching Majors in Spanish, German, French, Latin, and Teaching English as a Second Language.

Licensure in English as a New Language (Licensure in English as a Second Language) (15-hour Minor in ENL)

Licensure in Teaching English as a New Language may be added to any instructional license by completing the requirements for the department's 15-hour Minor in English as a New Language. That is, this minor fulfills requirements for Indiana licensure in combination with an approved teacher education major program. It is also appropriate for teaching English as a second language/English as a foreign language in a non-licensure setting.

Required courses: Linguistics 210--3 credits; 311--3 credits; 316--3 credits; 413 or 415--3 credits; 420--3 credits.


See your advisor or Dr. Judy Sheese, the Director of Education Student Services (812-237-3131) for specific questions about teaching licensure in your area.

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