Sample Curriculum Guide

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Language Studies Majors choose many different paths towards completion of their degrees depending on the following factors:


One example is given below for a student entering with placement scores at the 200 level who chooses to focus on one language, study abroad for a year, and add the TESL/TEFL Certificate.

Year Fall Spring
Freshman LLL 200
ENG 107 (FS)
COMM 101 (FS)
15 Hours
LING 311
FS: Literary Studies
FS: Science & Lab
16 Hours
Sophomore FREN/GERM/SPAN 301
LING 316: Intro to TESL
FS: Social or Behavioral Studies
FS: Fine and Performing Arts
FS: Upper Division Elective
15 Hours
LING 420
ENG 305
FS: Quantitative Literacy
FS: Historical Studies
17 Hours
Junior Study Abroad

15 Hours
Study Abroad
FS: Global Perspective and Cult Div.
15 Hours
Senior Capstone Requirement
LING 413, 414, or other TESL elective
101 in a second language
Free electives (6 hours)
15 Hours
LLL 400
FS: Ethics and Social Resp.
Free electives (12 hours)
16 Hours

TOTAL = 124 Hours