Graduate tesl/tefl certificate


NB: If you already have an Indiana teaching license, you can add the ENL licensure by completing our Graduate Certificate in TESL/TEFL. Licensure will be for the level of your original license.

Certificate in TESL/TEFL* (Graduate Level)

Course Requirements:

LING 601: English Syntax - 3 hrs.
LING 520: Language Acquisition - 3 hrs.
LING 613: Teaching English as a Second Language - 3 hrs.
One Elective chosen from LING 513, LING 514, LING 515, LING 517, LING 621, and LING 792 - 3 hrs.

The Certificate can be earned during another graduate program by taking one of the courses each semester for 2 years, or it can be completed in 1 year by taking two courses each semester.

Applied Experience Requirement:

This requirement is fulfilled by doing one of the following:

  1. 2 years study (or equivalent fluency) of a language that is not the student's native language
  2. Experience living in a culture that is not the student's native culture (3 months minimum)
  3. ESL/EFL teaching or cross-cultural experience (3 months minimum)


Please complete all steps as outlined on our Graduate Admissions page here.


*Definitions from David Crystal's Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language:

EFL: English seen in the context of countries where it is not the mother tongue and has no special status, such as Japan, France, Egypt, and Brazil. . . .

ESL: English in countries where it holds special status as a medium of communication [e.g., India, Singapore]. . . . The term has also been applied to the English of immigrants and other foreigners who live within a country where English is the first language.

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