Language Studies Major (non-Teaching)--with a focus on Linguistics/TESL

Required LLL courses (7 hours):

Required language courses (18 hours):

300/400-level course work from within the department. For example, if you are interested in Linguistics or TESL, you could choose from among the following:

Electives (6 hours): course work from within the Department or approved cognate course work in English from another Department.* For example, you could take LING 210"Introduction to Linguistics" or more of the above TESL/Linguistics courses, Japanese (or another language) 101 and 102, upper-level courses in a language, or study-abroad courses.

*Up to two 100-level courses may be counted if in a second or third language or linguistic area. Cognate and culture courses in English may be counted only if the student has completed the equivalent of a 100-level course in the same language or linguistic area.

An applied experience component within the 31 hours. May consist of:

The applied experience requirement may be waived for second majors.