Procedures for Inviting and Hosting International Visiting Delegations at ISU


Indiana State University (ISU) seeks to enhance the international dimensions of its educational exchange activities through the presence of visiting delegations on campus. The goals of this program are to:


A. The process for inviting and hosting international visiting delegations at Indiana State University is outlined below. A hosting department planning to invite a visiting delegation to ISU must submit a Visiting Delegation Invitation Form to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs via the Dean of the College/School and the Director of the Office of International Programs and Services. The form shall include the following information, some of which may be needed to complete the visa application process.

  1. Upon receiving the Invitation Form, IPS will contact the hosting department to discuss specific arrangements for the program and additional support IPS might be able to provide. If participants are taking part in a short-term class or training program, IPS will contact Community and Professional Programs to discuss support that this office might provide for the program.
  2. The Office of Academic Affairs reviews the recommendation. Upon acceptance of the recommendations, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs send letters of invitation to the members of the delegation and to the hosting department. The invitation clarifies the University's support (such as housing, meals, transportation, etc.) to the delegation. Copies are sent to the Director of the International Programs and Services, the appropriate Dean, and to the hosting Department.
  3. Upon receiving the information from the Office of Academic affairs, IPS establishes a Visiting Delegation file and prepares and sends the DS2019 Forms (if members of the delegation are planning to obtain J visas).
  4. If applicable, IPS informs the members of the visiting delegation concerning all the pertinent DS2019 regulations, especially those concerning appropriate insurance coverage for the scholar. Participants are informed that, upon arrival at ISU, they must provide evidence of insurance coverage to IPS, or to purchase an insurance coverage from a designated insurance company.
  5. If participants are taking part in a short-term class or training program, IPS will request ISU identification numbers from the Office of Academic Affairs. Each participant will be able to pick up an ISU identification card at Public Safety after arrival.

IPS will provide an orientation for the visiting scholar to the ISU campus and community, and a "Visiting Delegation Packet." The packet provides the appropriate information needed to assist the members of the delegation in adjusting to the community.