Undergraduate English Proficiency

Students are required to demonstrate English proficiency by obtaining a minimum required score on a standardized test or through successful completion of an English as a Second Language (ESL) program.  Students who have completed an undergraduate degree, or substantial prior coursework equivalent to at least one academic year of study, at a regionally accredited institution in the U.S. will have met the language requirement.  Finally, students who have completed one year of university-level academic study in country where English is the official language (not ESL training) or is a citizen of a TOEFL exempt country.

 Test Scores

TOEFL--- 500(PBT), 61 (IBT) or 173 (CBT) (For College of Business --- 550 (PBT), 79-80 (IBT), or 213 (CBT)) IELTS 6.00

IELTS - Level 6

Language Centers and ESL Training

Interlink. Students can complete language training on ISU's campus in Terre Haute, Indiana and are eligible for regular admission upon completion of LEVEL 5. For more information on Interlink, please click here.

Intensive English Program at Indiana University.  Students can complete language training in nearby Bloomington, Indiana and are eligible for regular admission upon completion of LEVEL 6. For more information on Intensive English Program at IU, please click here.

ELS. Students can complete language training at any of ELS's U.S.-based training center and some approved international sites are eligible for regular admission upon completion of Level 112. For more information on ELS, please click here.

Other ESL Training.  Students may also be eligible for completion of accredited English program approved by CGE.  Please contact IPS at isu-ips@mail.indstate.edu to check if your program is approved by Center For Global Engagement.

U.S. Undergraduate Degree. Students who have complete a prior undergraduate degree or the successful completion of 24 or more credit hours of coursework (one academic year) at a regionally accredited U.S. institution or an English Speaking country are eligible for regular admission and have met the language requirement.

U.S. High School Diploma. An earned diploma from a high school in the United States.