Globalization has become the cornerstone of our way of life in the 21st century—corporations, academic and financial institutions, governments, people, and entire economies throughout the world are linked at a multitude of levels: multinational governmental and NGO coordination; research, music, foods, cultures and profits are pursued and shared by citizens of every nation.  We have indeed become a borderless world society.  And one major result of the globalization phenomenon is the need for all of us — students, faculty, and staff — to be able to work and thrive in multicultural environments — in short, to become global citizens. 

In furtherance of this end, the Office of International Programs and Services at ISU is committed to facilitating the research, travel, events and activities that support and promote the transformation of our respective constituencies into successful global citizens. 

Fundamentally, IPS serves as an enabler for campus globalization efforts, working with other staff elements to either lead efforts toward this end or support the efforts of other staff activities. 

IPS also works with several key constituencies both on campus and in the community to promote a broader global perspective and expand engagement.  Specifically, we work with students, faculty, staff, and members of the community by facilitating opportunities to: