A student who has failed to maintain status may apply to US Citizenship and Immigration Services to be reinstated to lawful F-1 status. Reinstatement is only granted under limited conditions and in the discretion of USCIS.

Conditions for approval of reinstatement

USCIS may consider reinstating a student to F-1 status if the student can prove the following:

If USCIS approves the reinstatement application, the student's SEVIS record will indicate the approval and the school will receive an e-mail notification of the approval.

If USCIS denies the reinstatement application the school will receive notification of the denial via e-mail. The student then must depart the United States immediately.

A denial of an application for reinstatement cannot be appealed, although a motion to reopen or reconsider may be filed if warranted.

For information on how to apply for reinstatement, please contact IPS at isu-ips@mail.indstate.edu

Click here to download F-1 Reinstatement application.