reduced course load

A DSO may authorize a reduced course load for a student experiencing academic difficulties, but only on the basis of the following reasons specified in the regulations:

These are the only academic difficulty reasons for which a reduced course load may be approved. Although there will be cases that clearly fit into one of these categories, there will be many that are less clear. Where a certain academic situation may fit, or might be logically related to one of the categories, a DSO must use his or her discretion to evaluate whether the particular academic situation can properly be seen to fall within one of the categories established by regulation.

Please contact your immigration advisor at IPS before dropping below full-time.
Maria D. Chaqra at (if your last name begins with the letters A-J)
Pam Tabor at (if your last name begins with the letters K-Z)

Click here to download the request for reduced course load form (click here to download the Adobe Reader).