Charlotte zietlow Endowment grant

Women Faculty Research Grant

Indiana State University female tenure track faculty of Assistant Professor rank are eligible to apply for the Zietlow Women Faculty Research Grant.  The grant provides money to support research that will contribute to a candidate’s achievement of retention, tenure, and promotion at Indiana State University. 

When establishing the endowment, Charlotte wrote:

This endowment is intended as a stipend to support non-tenured women faculty at Indiana State University as they pursue research and personal development in their professional field which will assist them toward promotion and tenure at Indiana State University.  It is my perception that financial assistance for faculty at this stage of their careers is not widely available and can be of significant importance as they develop their portfolios.  No doubt the same is true for male faculty, but my experience is that women have historically had a harder row to hoe in academia and frequently have to balance home and career to a greater extent than their male counterparts.  I would hope this would give them one additional tool to help them move forward in their teaching, research and service to Indiana State University and to the learning community in general.

Deadline for Application: March 16, 2015


For further information please contact Dr. Elaina Tuttle, Zietlow Selection Committee Chair, at, or 237-2838.

Zietlow Award Banquet, Equality Day

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