Cash Receipts: Yes No N/A
1.  Are cash collections promptly recorded through the use of pre-numbered receipts prepared by an individual designated to receive cash?
2.  Are receipts used in numeric sequence?
3.  When tracing receipts to deposits, are all numbers accounted for to ensure no receipts are missing?
4.  Are all copies of voided receipts retained to help account for all receipt numbers?
5.  If a receipt number is missing, is an attempt made to explain why?
6.  Are all checks restrictively endorsed (“For Deposit Only”) immediately upon receipt to limit negotiability?
7.  Is there adequate separation of responsibility in handling funds and keeping the accounting records?
8.  Are cash and related items (checks, credit card receipts) physically safeguarded against theft and loss?
9.  Are cash shortages identified, analyzed, recorded, and reported?
10. Are cash deposits secured, processed in a timely manner, and sufficiently documented?


Procurement Card: Yes No N/A
1.  Are the procurement card(s) kept in a secure site?
2.  Does the department maintain a current purchasing card (control) log?
3.  Are all supporting documentation filed by cardholder, by date or a combination or both?
4.  Are all receipts adequate enough to identify what was purchased?
5.  Are all purchases appropriate?
6.  Are source documents reconciled to Banner on a monthly basis?
7.  Are all reconciliations reviewed timely by an independent party?


General: Yes No N/A
1.  Are departmental records reconciled monthly with reports from the Banner System?
2.  If the unit maintains a separate accounting system, is it reconciled to Banner each month?
3.  Is a system in place to provide the department head with explanations of significant variances between budgeted and actual financial status?

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