Rural Recreation Research

Publications / Presentations by Dr. Nathan A. Schaumleffel in the area of rural recreation development:


Agritourism and Rural Economic Development (PDF icon ), Indiana Business Review, by M. Ramsey & N. A. Schaumleffel

Illinois Rural Recreation Development Project: 2002 Citizen Action Committee Phone Survey Research Report (PDF icon ), by N. A. Schaumleffel

A Study of Fiscal Trends on Leisure Service Delivery in Illinois' Small-Town Public Recreation Agencies from FY96 to FY00 (PDF icon ), Rural Research Report, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs, by N. A. Schaumleffel, D. A. Smith, I. O'Dell, & D. Yoder


Partnering with Convention and Visitor Bureaus to Achieve Economic Benefits (PDF icon ), by N.A. Schaumleffel & B. Blackford

Plan your work, work your plan (PDF icon ), by N.A. Schaumleffel & C.A. Martin

Program leaders' intention to process recreation experiences to achieve targeted outcomes (PDF icon ), by N.A. Schaumleffel & E.A. Backlund

Agritourism: What is the Role of Municipal and County Park Boards in Rural Economic Development? (PDF icon ), by M. Ransey, N. A. Schaumleffel, & B. Blackford

 Rural and Small-Town Agencies' Roundtable (PDF icon )

Publications / Presentations by others not affiliated with the InRRDP

2002 Household Evaluation Report (PDF icon ), by L. L. Payne

2002 Youth Evaluation of Summer Daze Report (PDF icon ), by L. L. Payne

Sample Needs Assessment from Clinton, IL: Part 1 (PDF icon ) and Part 2 (PDF icon ), by L. L. Payne

Publications / Presentations by Dr. Schaumleffel in the area of youth development

Schaumleffel, N. A., & Bodey, K. J. (2007, September). Beyond competition: Best practices for staff/volunteer training in youth sport. (PDF icon ) Presentation conducted at the annual meeting of the National Recreation and Park Association, Indianapolis, IN.

Supplementary material to 2007 NRPA Presentation: National Standards for Sport Coaches (2nd ed.)

Presentations (as cited in American Scouting Digest, Spring 2007 article: Are we really achieving the aims of Scouting?)
Schaumleffel, N. A. (2007a, January). Beyond babysitting: Program leader training for outcome-based youth development program (PDF icon ).

Presentation conducted at the annual meeting of the Indiana Park and Recreation Association, Indianapolis, IN.
Schaumleffel, N. A. (2007b, February). Getting a bigger bang for your staff training buck: Getting staff to perform all summer! (PDF icon )

Presentation conducted at the annual meeting of the American Camp Association, Austin, TX.
ISU/RM & Youth Leadership Academic Accreditation Packet (PDF icon )


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