Programs & Services

The InRRDP is a community development project that assists communities to develop sustainable community park, recreation, leisure, and tourism programs and services. The InRRDP offers a variety of resources and services to assist communities in their quest to develop public leisure services.

Communities who want to collaborate with the InRRDP must form an active Citizen Action Committee (CAC). The sponsoring agency (municipality, non-profit organization, or county) must sign a Memorandum of Understanding, which states the responsibilities of the CAC and InRRDP. Long-term success and sustainability of local programs and services depends on the effectiveness of the CAC to work together on organizational development, leadership development, fundraising, program development, and political support.

Services available include:

Community Projects

The Project Director, Dr. Nathan A. Schaumleffel, collaborates with rural communities to provide community development services in collaboration with his recreation and sport management courses to:

Citizen Action Committee Training and Resources

The InRRDP offers communities a resource manual and training seminars for Citizen Action Committee members. The goal for providing these resources is to empower citizens to gain the skills necessary to self-sufficiently administer park and recreation programs and services to their community.

Master Planning for Parks and Recreation Resources

The InRRDP staff can assist your community in developing a Master Plan to facilitate decision-making for the development of park and recreation services in your community.

Community Development Resources

The InRRDP prides itself on being able to serve as a clearinghouse for services and resources that help rural communities improve the quality of life.