Voluntary Sick Leave Transfer

Sick Leave Transfer Objective:

 To establish guidelines and procedures for the transfer of accumulated sick leave from one regular, benefits-eligible employee to another when employees with personal illness or injury have exhausted all sick leave, convenience day if applicable and vacation leave. All donations will be kept confidential.

In order to transfer sick leave:

 The potential donor must:

    Be a benefits-eligible employee,

   Complete a Voluntary Sick Leave Donation Agreement form with the name, title and department of the recipient and submit to Human Resources, Benefits office.

   Sign a statement that the time donated may not be repaid (in-kind or otherwise) by the recipient in the future.

 The potential recipient must:

    Be a benefits-eligible employee who has exhausted all accrued sick leave, convenience day, if applicable, and vacation leave balances,

   Approved for FMLA, (if eligible and not applied for FMLA, must apply).

   If not eligible for FMLA, (have not been at ISU one year and worked 1,250 regular hours), provide medical information showing need for sick leave.

   If the sick leave is for the employee's medical condition, a "Return to Work" slip must be signed by the physician and submitted to the Staff Benefits Office prior to returning to work.

 Human Resources-Benefits will:

    Verify FMLA status or, if not eligible for FMLA, medical necessity,

   Verify the available sick leave balance and approve transfer,

   Maintain a spreadsheet of all transfers by fiscal year, and

   Forward approval to Payroll for processing.

 Payroll will:

   Make the proper transfer (reduce donor’s time; increase recipient’s time), and

   File copy of transfer form in donors and recipients payroll file


    No one donor may transfer more than two weeks of sick leave in one fiscal year.

   After the transfer, the donor must be left with a balance of at least two weeks of sick leave.

   No one person may be the recipient of more than eight (8) weeks of donated time in one fiscal year.

   For family sick leave, illness or injury, current ISU policy allows family sick leave to be limited to 5 days per fiscal year with an additional 15 days (for a total of 20 days) per fiscal year with an approved FMLA leave. The maximum allowable sick days for family sick will not change because of transfer of sick leave.

   ISU policy related to pregnancy or medically determined inability to work due to pregnancy is given the same consideration for sick leave with pay as other sickness or injury. Sick leave may be used until the date released for work by attending physician. This policy will not change.

   Donated time does not guarantee job protection.