Military Leave Guidelines

Life Insurance

Coverage is retained up to $50,000 for employees on leave without pay.  Premium is paid by the University.

Voluntary Life Insurance         

An employee may retain Voluntary Life Coverage for the first 60 days following the beginning date of a leave for active duty.  Premiums will be billed to the employee’s home address.  After the first 60 days of leave without pay, the employee will be given the option to convert the coverage to an individual plan.  After the expiration of the leave, coverage that is converted may become active by the employee reapplying  for voluntary life coverage through payroll deduction.  The reapplication will be medically underwritten, therefore, coverage could be denied if the employee (or family member) is deemed not medically insurable.  If the voluntary life insurance is not converted, the coverage will be reinstated automatically if the employee returns to pay status within 90 days following release from active duty.  

Health Coverage

Health, dental and prescription drug card coverage may be retained during the leave or the employee may elect to terminate coverage.  Premiums for coverage will be billed to the employee’s home address.  If the coverage is dropped during the leave, the employee may have the coverage reinstated by notifying the Employee Benefits office within 90 days of release from active duty.

Vision Coverage                         

Vision Coverage may be retained during the leave.  The premiums due during leave will be billed to the home address.  Coverage not retained may be reinstated upon return from active duty.  Employee must notify the Employee Benefits office within 90 days of return from active duty.

Long-Term Disability                

Long-Term Disability coverage will be dropped while on leave.  Coverage will be reinstated upon return to work.

Retirement Contributions        

Retirement contributions are based on the appointment salary.  No contributions are made while on leave without pay.  Contributions will resume when the employee returns to pay status.

Social Security                           

No contributions are paid while on leave.  Contributions resume when employee returns to pay status.

Tax Deferred Annuities            

Voluntary contributions through payroll deduction will resume when employee returns to pay status.

Sick Leave                                   

Accumulated sick leave at the time the leave commences will be retained and available for use when employee returns to work.  Sick leave will not accumulate during the leave.


The employee may request in writing to the supervisor that accumulated vacation be paid when called to active duty.  Vacation not paid will be available when the employee returns to work.  Vacation does not accumulate while on leave without pay.


Deductions for parking while on leave without pay will be taken from the first payroll check after the return to work.

 Fee Waivers                                

If a class that has had a fee waiver applied towards the tuition is interrupted by military leave, the fee waiver will be counted toward the maximum allowed.  The employee must be in pay status on the first day of classes to have a fee waiver apply for future classes.


Original orders must be submitted to Human Resources as soon as possible prior to the leave.  Individuals must sign a form indicating whether benefits are to be retained and indicate an address for premium billings.

Human Resources:    812-237-4114    or    Employee Benefits:  812-237-4151