Dependent Child Fee Waiver

Dependent children of qualified employees of ISU who are full-time undergraduate students will receive 80 percent of qualified tuition per semester for a maximum of ten (10) semesters waived. Qualified employees must be employed at Indiana State University in that capacity on the day preceding the start of classes to receive the waiver.

Policy guidelines:

1. A “qualified employee” for these purposes is an individual who meets all of the criteria set forth below:

One year and temporary employees are not eligible for this benefit.

2. The waiver will be applied as a credit against the qualified tuition for the applicable semester. Qualified tuition does not include mandatory fees which are identified as a separate billing item and not included in the basic tuition charges.  There is no partial use of this waiver.  There are no fee waivers for extension or correspondence courses. 

3. "Dependent Children"  for this purpose are children of qualified employees who are a dependent as defined by the Federal income tax guidelines, including stepchildren and children who have employees as their legal guardians.  Proof of guardianship may be required.

4. A "Full-time undergraduate student" for this purpose is a student enrolled for a minimum of twelve (12) semester hours at Indiana State University in a semester and pursuing either their first baccalaureate or associate degree at Indiana State University.  The student must remain enrolled for 12 hours through and including the 28th day of the semester to receive the waiver. 

5. For summer eligibility, the student must be:

 Summer coursework does not count toward the total 10 semesters.

6. A student must have a 2.0 cumulative grade point average to have continued eligibility for the Dependent Child Fee Waiver.

7. Individuals receiving a full University-sponsored Presidential scholarship are not eligible for this additional waiver.

8. This fee waiver program can be modified or eliminated at any time at the University’s discretion.

Application for Staff Dependent Child Fee Waiver