2014 Health Plan Rates


For 2014, the structure of the health coverage rates has changed to integrate with the University’s new wellness program, On the Way to Wellness.  First, you will note that the 2014 rate tiers are not based upon the salaries of employees.  The tiers are based upon participation in the wellness screening and tobacco use.  There is also a tier based upon eligibility for a low-income subsidy.  As done in the past, the tiers continue to have rates for: Employee only; Employee/Child/ren;  Employee/Spouse; and Employee/Dependents.

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The Standard rate is the actual rate of the plan.  This rate will be adjusted up or down by participation in the wellness screenings and/or tobacco product use.

The Wellness Incentive and Tobacco Free rate provides the $30 per month “discount” for wellness participation and does not include the tobacco surcharge.  To avoid a tobacco surcharge, the employee must sign a Tobacco Free Affidavit or a Tobacco Cessation Affidavit each year.

The Wellness Incentive & Tobacco Surcharge includes both the $30 per month “discount” for participation in the wellness screening and the $50 per month tobacco surcharge.

No Wellness & Tobacco Surcharge includes the Standard Rate plus the $50 per month tobacco surcharge.  This rate is for employees who chose not to participate in the wellness screenings and who are tobacco users.

The rates are shown for both monthly paid and non-exempt (bi-weekly) paid employees.  The total rates are the same.  The bi-weekly rates have been divided between two paychecks in the month.  These rates will be effective on paychecks in 2014.


Subsidy (Low Income) Rates:

Rates for Employees whose total household income is below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level are set up the same way as the non-subsidized rates.  However, the subsidy rates are lower for employees who qualify.  To see if you qualify, click here or contact Staff Benefits, ext. 4151.