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2013 - 2014 Retirees

John Barushak, Scott Custodians
Glen Dunlap, Art
Louise Jackson, Budget Payroll & Risk Management
David Lofton, Central Housing
Michael Murphy, Psychology
Marilyn Sample, Baccalaureate Nursing
Thomas Sawyer, Kinesiology Recreation & Sport
Shelia Weir, Administrative & Instructional Services

2014 - 2015 Years of Service Honorees

50 Years
Barbara Landini, Secretary of University

40 Years
Gayla Finley, School of Music

35 Years
Squire Banfield, Office of Information Technology
Kimberly Cates, VP & Provost Office
Patrick Gallagher, Applied Engineer & Tech Management
Ginger Garvey, Library Services
John Kahl, Custodians
Mary Kelly, Career Center

30 Years
Anita Adams, Dean, Scott College of Business
Cherie Lewis, Custodians
John McNichols, Athletics-Track
Kevin Runion, Facilities Management
Harley Smithson, Power Plant

25 Years
Pamela Corbin, Assoc VP Finance Asst Treasurer
John Gartland, Athletics-Track
Mary Griffy, Dean College of Technology
Joseph Lewis, IU School of Medicine - Terre Haute
Tamara Morris, HMSU - Operations
Terri Pippins, Staff Benefits
Mavis Russell, Early Childhood Education Center
James Thompson, Grounds
Ted Wilson, Communications & Marketing
Deborah Youngen, Student Financial Aid

20 Years
Cheryl Bealmear, Library Services
Larry Craft, Utility
LesAnne Dant, Central Housing
Carmen DeWitt, Student Financial Aid
Steve Dust, Mechanical Trades
Cynthia Evans, Dean University College
Melissa Hughes, Admissions & High School Relations
David Hunt, Facilities Management
Robert Jarrett, Power Plant
Mary Larimer, Dean, Bayh College of Education
Kathryn Modesitt, Assoc VP Finance Asst Treasurer
Sandra Paris, VP Business Affairs and Treasurer
Christi Reinig, Library Services
Chip Rogers, Budget, Payroll & Risk Management
Charlene Shivers, Student Financial Aid
Kevin Smith, Office of Information Technology
Scott Tillman, Facilities Management
Michael Watkins, Grounds

15 Years
Nancy Branson, VP Enrollment Management, Marketing & Communication
Maria Chaqra, Center for Global Engagement
Cheryl Comer, Burford Housing
Terry Cotterell, Telecommunications
Robert Eberwein, Dean, College of Technology
Teresa Evans, Public Safety Department
William Fairbanks, Environmental Safety
Mary Garvin, Student Financial Aid
Darla Grigg, Student Financial Aid
Meghan Hadley, Facilities Management
Kelly Hall, IU School of Medicine - Terre Haute
Chris Hayes, LIbrary Services
Erik Ingebrigtsen, Chemistry and Physics
Matthew Jenkins, Office of Information Technology
James Jensen, Facilities Management
Stefanie Knott, Dept. of Applied Health Services
Jan Krackenberger, Elementary, Early & Special Ed.
Dennis McKay, Office of Information Technology
Sherry O'Neal, Budget, Payroll & Risk Management
Patrick Parker, Sycamore Housing
Yasenka Peterson, Dean, College Nursing, Health, Human Services
Diana Randolph, Dean, Bayh College of Education
Cari Riggs, Psychology
Edward Sawtelle, Custodians
Valerie Steele, Sandison Housing
Brenda Swisher, Library Services
Roxanne Torrence, Dean College of Arts & Sciences
Andrew Vincent, Office of Information Technology
Terri Wilson, Assoc VP Finance Asst Treasurer
Myla Woods, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

10 Years
Pam Allison, VP & Provost Office
Dennis Ballard, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Erick Barnett, Grounds
Katherine Black, Library Services
Jaclyn Blake, Assoc VP Finance Asst Treasurer
Misty Bolinger, Early Childhood Education Center
Jean Boone, Dept of Art & Design
Linda Bradbury, Custodians
Kenneth Coleman, Dean, Bayh College of Education
Denise Collins, Dean, Bayh College of Education
Valerie Craig, Afro-American Cultural Center
Josh Flaherty, Office of Information Technology
Michelle Fowler-Sands, Dean University College
April Hay, Office of Registration & Records
Rita Hendrix, Acct, Finance, Insurance & Risk Management
Robert Hill, Custodians
Daniel Kearns, Hulman Center
Andrew Kellett, Purchasing
Daniel Leslie, Office of Information Technology
John Light, Hulman Center
Marlene Lu, Blumberg Center
Karen Mandino, Office of Sponsored Programs
Paula Meyer, Communications & Marketing
Rhonda Miller, ISU Foundation Operations
Michael Moore, Office of Information Technology
Holli Moseman, Library Services
Elizabeth Nesius, IU School of Medicine - Terre Haute
Michael Rogers, HMSU - Operations
Jack Schroeder, Center for Student Success
Theresa Scott, Burford Housing
Mark Stephens, Grounds
Randall Turpen, HMSU - Operations
Marisa Vincent, Early Childhood Education Center
Christopher Wagley, Sycamore Housing
Nicole Walker, Student Counseling Center
Jerami Wheeler, Admissions & High School Relations
Deborah Woolard, Custodians

5 Years
Brandon Adamson, HMSU Operations
Esteban Amigo, Office of Information Technology
Pamala Atterson, Custodians
Rhonda Beecroft, Bureau of School Services
Evan Boyer, Grounds
Daniel Bradley, President
Michael Colson, Public Safety Department
Lori Cuffle, Sycamore Housing
Belinda Danner, Sycamore Housing
Laura David, Assoc VP Finance Asst Treasurer
Nolan Davis, Assoc VP Student Affairs
Amy Dunivan, Assoc VP University Controller
Lois Ellis, Student Financial Aid
Trista Gibbons, Student Counseling Center
Tracy Gonzalez, Burford Housing
Erin Harmon, Library Services
Christopher Heleine, Public Safety Department
Perry Hollowell, Office of Information Technology
Eric Kesler, HMSU - Operations
Leonard Kite, Custodians
Gregory Lechner, Office of Information Technology
S Allen Lindsay, Dean, Scott College of Business
Ita Luehrsen, Admissions & High School Relations
Jessica Major, Assoc VP Finance Asst Treasurer
Thomas McCallister, Electrical
Jessica Meuser, Dean University College
Alisha Moorhead, Library Services
Sue Murphy, Testing Office
Linda Niemiec, Dean University College
Daniel Parmer, Public Safety Department
Stephanie Pearcy, Dean Universtiy College
Samuel Probst, Hulman Center
Tamara Schaffer, Athletics - Administration
Mollie Shepard, Maehling Terrace Univ Apartments
Dawnar Shivers, Utility
Michael Snyder, Office of Information Technology
Patricia Snyder, CD & Coun, School & Ed Psych
Pamela Tabor, Center for Global Engagement
Jeriah Threlfall, Ctr for Health, Wellness, & Life
Erika True, Athletics - Women's Soccer
Dale Tryon, Office of Information Technology
Patricia Voils, Sandison Housing
Carrie Walters, Assoc VP University Controller
Douglas Weatherston, Office of Information Technology
Carolyn Whitney, Mail Room
Richard Williams, VP & Provost Office

3 Years
Kelly Anthony, Honors Program
Regina Atkins, Admissions and High School Relations
Dori Ball Roberts, CD & Coun School & Ed Psych
Steven Ballock, Electrical
Yolanda Barnhill, VP for Student Affairs
Robin Beller, Assoc VP University Controller
Jill Blunk, Challenge Program
Stacey Bocard, Office of Information Technology
Andrea Boehme, Library Services
Heather Brantner, Early Childhood Education Center
Kenneth Brauchle, Dean Extended Learning
Casey Burk, Office of Information Technology
Cory Campbell, Dean, Scott College of Business
Christina Cantrell, Dean University College
Anthony Certain, Office of Information Technology
Pamela Chamberlain, Business Engagement Center
Molly Clark, Budget, Payroll & Risk Mgt
Teddie Compton, Mail Room
Randall Cooprider, Garage
Tyler Cox, Office of Information Technology
Ashleigh Crowe, Dean University College
Dennis Darke, Athletic Operations
Jody Dean, Center for Community Engagement
Chelsea Dolly, Recreational Sports
Teresa Dwyer, Career Center
Joshua Elmore, HMSU-Operations
Jordan Gentry, Public Safety Department
Tonya Gimbert, Athletics-Administration
Andrew Gonthier, Public Safety Department
Kenny Griffie, Utility
Melinda Grindle, Custodians
Michael Hall, Custodians
Tammy Hurst, Public Safety Department
Jack Jaeger, Dean, College Nursing Health, Human Svc
James Lance, Career Center
Nathalie League, Dean, College Nursing Health, Human Svc
James Maeder, Student Rec Center
Ann Malloy, Admissions and High School Relations
Ricardo Mata, College of Graduate & Professional Studies
Zachariah Mathew, Center for Global Engagement
Christopher McGrew, Center for Global Engagement
Christopher Middleton, Office of Information Technology
John Murray, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Santhana Naidu, Communications & Marketing
Kenneth Neal, Public Safety Department
Cynthia Otts, Office of Registration & Records
Barry Overpeck, Assoc VP Finance Asst Treasurer
Samantha Penney, Dean Extended Learning
Carolyn Rohlfing, Assoc VP Finance Asst Treasurer
Franci Rubin, Dean College Nurs Hlth Human Svc
Thomas Simon, Biology
Joshua Stabler, Library Services
Stacey Taylor, Maehling Terrace Univ Apartments
Raymond Thomas, Network
Cassandra Toth, Human Res Devel & Perf Tec
Gregory Towne, Athletics-Women's Golf
Tracy Wiant, Hulman Center
Craig Wright, Public Safety Department