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Administrative Search Committee Checklist

_____Receive the "charge" to the committee from the hiring authority.

_____Discuss the Essential Job Functions and become familiar with the criteria used to evaluate candidates.

_____Receive "Guest User" password from the hiring authority to view all Position Request/Applicant Information.

_____Begin reviewing candidate information.

_____Consider developing a list of top candidates to discuss with the committee.

_____Once the finalist pool has been determined by the committee, begin to formulate a list of "Finalist - A" and "Finalist - B" candidates.

_____Aid in the development of a core questions for telephone interviews if applicable.

_____Aid in the development of a core questions for reference checks.

_____Aid in the development of core questions for on-campus interviews.

_____Upon conclusion of campus interviews submit feedback to the committee based on criteria for evaluation.

_____Submit all search material to the search chair.

Search Committees responsibilities include:

a. Compliance with institutional policy and procedures.

b. Maintain objectivity.

c. Discuss qualifications so that committee members are clear about standards for the criteria, definitions, what is required and what is desired.

d. Assess all applicant credentials using the same written criteria established by the committee.

e. Document the review with keywords and phrases that indicate the particular reasons an applicant was or was not selected for interview.

f. Interview candidates using written core questions.

g. Recommend the most qualified candidates.

h. Maintain confidentiality.