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Richard J. Brett Memorial Scholarship for Study Abroad

The Richard J. Brett Memorial Scholarship for Study Abroad was established in 1995 to honor the life and work of Mr. Brett. Mr. Brett was the Speech Therapist at Waukeegan High School in Illinois for 49 years. Throughout his life, he enjoyed travel and believed strongly that travel was a most important component in the educational process. It is the purpose of the scholarship to assist deserving students through enriching their education through travel.

The recipient shall be a student in good standing in the ISU Honors Program whose plans for international educational travel will enhance their academic goals.

Selection Criteria

Preference will be given to students who:

Students are encouraged to participate in an accredited study abroad program if they choose not to join one of ISU’s sponsored programs, or to devise an appropriate alternative. (Be specific).

Students with foreign language proficiency earned through college or high school studies are given preference where appropriate.

Obligation for Award Recipients

Students are expected to submit a written essay describing the benefit they derived from the scholarship to the University Honors Program Office.


Apply for the Richard J. Brett Memorial Scholarship for Study Abroad online at