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Pictured above: an Honors student studying abroad in Greece

Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: Please feel free to contact the University Honors Program office at (812) 237-3225 with any questions you have.

Will it cost more to complete a degree if I'm an Honors student?

No. The Honors curriculum is designed to be completely immersed within a student's major/minor and Foundational Studies requirements, and therefore should not increase the cost of completing a degree at Indiana State University.

Prospective students can estimate their cost of attendance at ISU and eligibility for financial aid using the Net Price Calculator:

Please contact ISU's Office of Student Financial Aid with any questions:

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Do I have to earn really good grades in high school to get into the University Honors Program?

Goods grades are helpful, but the University Honors Program admits students based on a variety of criteria from high school. The emphasis is on student potential and motivation, and that can be demonstrated in many ways. If you are an extremely motivated student that struggled a bit in high school, please contact us; we want to talk with you.

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Can I enter the University Honors Program if I did not join directly from high school?

Certainly. The University Honors Program will consider your performance in University classes, at ISU or elsewhere, in making the decision to admit you.

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How do I join the University Honors Program?

When you have decided to experience the enhanced curriculum and activities of Honors, joining the program is a simple process. Please complete the online Honors Application. You will receive a letter in the mail within a few weeks regarding your application status.

For information about how to apply to Indiana State University, please visit the Admissions homepage.

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Can I still be in Honors if I'm undecided on my major?

Definitely. Honors is designed to fit with any major, and earning Foundational Studies credits by taking General Honors classes is a great way to start and may help you choose a major.

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Will Honors be too much for me if I'm an athlete, belong to a student organization, have a job, etc.?

Many Honors students are very involved on campus and quite successful in their Honors classes and degree program. The key is being aware of your own limitations and learning how to manage your time. While Honors classes are more challenging, you should also find them more engaging, which will help you stay interested and motivated to be successful.

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What are the requirements of the University Honors Program?

The Honors curriculum features a core of four classes that immerse students in the great ideas and works of human civilization and equips them with the tools to think critically, analytically and with the ability to integrate and synthesize across disciplines and concepts. As a part of that, the Honors senior seminar/thesis is intended to challenge the student to conduct a research project that integrates the strands of expertise developed through the Honors core, minor and her/his major program.

In addition to completing the Honors core, students specialize in Honors through one of three elective concentrations designed to allow more substantial exposure and experience in sub-areas: Global Perspectives, Leadership and Civic Engagements, and Honors in the Major and/or Foundational Studies.

To complete the University Honors Program, students must maintain a 3.25 cumulative grade point average, a 3.0 GPA in the Honors program and complete the Honors core, thesis, and one of the three elective concentrations. 

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Once I'm in, do I have to get good grades to complete the University Honors Program?

You need to maintain a 3.25 cumulative GPA and a 3.0 GPA in the Honors curriculum to complete the program. This standard is intended to encourage academic risk-taking (i.e., taking that particularly intensive class that will expand your thinking and personal worldview).

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Are Honors classes more difficult than regular classes?

They are more challenging; challenge is a concept you are embracing by joining Honors. However, they are also more exciting, stimulating experiences, with better opportunity for hands-on learning, travel, research and creative expression that traditional classes. In Honors classes, you will be sharing an experience with a small group of motivated students, like your self, guided by some of the finest faculty members at ISU.

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What kinds of activities are available to Honors students?

Honors students are made aware, by the Honors Office and through its website, of numerous stimulating cultural, academic and social experiences. In addition, Honors students gain special access to University speakers and programs and often serve as campus ambassadors to distinguished visitors. The Council of Honors Students, a group of Honors students dedicated to maximizing their university experience, engages in a number of fun and exciting activities through the year including field trips, community service, and travel to conferences.

Check out our Spotlight on Honors to learn more about some of the exciting things happening in the University Honors Program!

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Is funding available for Honors students?

Yes. There are three scholarships available through the University Honors Program: the Richard Brett Memorial Scholarship for Study Abroad; the Rebecca A. Johnson Honors Program Award; and the Anne Bauer Jackson, M.D. Memorial Honors Book Scholarship.

Incoming freshmen Honors students may qualify for a number of scholarships through the Office of Admissions, such as the President's and University Honors Scholarships. In addition, because of their academic ability, Honors students are often eligible for prestigious national and international scholarships, such the Rhodes, Marshall, and Goldwater scholarships.

For additional information about funding for ISU students, please visit the Financial Aid website.

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Is special housing available for Honors students?

Yes. Honors students have priority for housing in Pickerl Hall. In order to be considered for this opportunity, you need only indicate your desire for Honors housing on your application to the Honors Program.

For additional information about housing for ISU students, please visit the Residential Life website.

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