Honors Peer Advisors

The Honors Peer Advisors are experienced students in the University Honors Program who mentor first year Honors students as they adjust to life at Indiana State University.

Each first year Honors student is networked with a peer advisor, who will offer advice, answer questions, and be a friendly face on campus as you transition into the ISU community. The Honors Peer Advisors are involved in numerous organizations on campus and also with the University Honors Program, so they know first-hand what it is like to be a motivated student, take Honors classes, live on campus, study abroad, and effectively balance time between school and extra-curricular commitments. They serve on the Honors Council and contribute to the planning and facilitation of many of the Honors extra-curricular events each semester. The Honors Peer Advisors are excited to share their experiences and get to know you!

Meet the 2014-2015 Honors Peer Advisors:

  Jessica Bicknell, Honors Peer Advisor

Jessica Bicknell

Major: Finance: Financial Services

Hometown: Seymour, IN.

Bram Blackwell, Honors Peer Advisor

Bram Blackwell

Majors: Insurance & Accounting

Hometown: Dow, IL.

  Ashley Borhart, Honors Peer Advisor

Ashley Borhart

Major: Operations & Supply Chain Management

Hometown: Marengo, IL.

Alexia Curley, Honors Peer Advisor

Alexia Curley

Majors: Criminology and Criminal Justice & Psychology

Hometown: Zion, IL.

  Kaylee Jo Fox, Honors Peer Advisor

Kaylee Jo Fox

Major: Multidisciplinary: Gender Studies

Hometown: Bedford, IN.

Lindsey Hawkins, Honors Peer Advisor

Lindsey Hawkins

Major: English Teaching

Hometown: Seymour, IN.

  Lauren Karcher, Honors Peer Advisor

Lauren Karcher

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Evansville, IN.

Abby Layer, Honors Peer Advisor

AbBy Layer

Major: Instrumental Music Education

Hometown: Lowell, IN.

  Mariah Longyear, Honors Peer Advisor

Mariah Longyear

Major: Dietetics

Hometown: Terre Haute, IN.

Whitney Neukam, Honors Peer Advisor


Majors: Communication & English

Hometown: Washington, IN

  Kirstyn Quandt, Honors Peer Advisor

Kirstyn Quandt

Major: Communication: Public Relations

Hometown: Wilmington, NC.

Erin Sluyter, Honors Peer Advisor

Erin Sluyter

Major: Biology

Hometown: Terre Haute, IN.

  Cecilia van Wijk, Honors Peer Advisor

Cecilia Van Wijk

Major: Communication: Public Relations

Hometown: Remington, IN.

Kayla VanBergen, Honors Peer Advisor

Kayla Vanbergen

Major: Dietetics

Hometown: Geneva, IL.