honors Curriculum requirements


To complete the University Honors Program, students must maintain a 3.25 cumulative grade point average, a 3.0 GPA in the Honors curriculum, and complete the Honors core, thesis, and one of the three elective concentrations. The University Honors Program is designed to work with any degree program by overlapping with Foundational Studies requirements and major classes.

HONORS CORE (12 credits)

Honors students must complete the following four General Honors (GH) courses:

Note: Students who complete the University Honors core (GH 101, GH 201, GH 301, and GH 401) will have met the following Foundational Studies requirements:

GLOBAL PERSPECTIVEs electives (21-25 Credits)

The global perspectives concentration is designed to allow students to better immerse themselves in other cultures by completing a language minor, or strengthening their global perspective through a structured multidisciplinary experience. Study abroad is an essential and integral component of the global perspectives concentration.

To earn the global perspectives concentration, students must complete the following:

Note: Students completing in the global perspectives concentration must take a study abroad experience, which may be counted as elective credit toward the international studies or language studies minor.

Please contact the University Honors Program at 812-237-3225 with any questions.