General honors (GH) classes

Previously Offered general honors (GH) classes

General Honors (GH) courses are the heart of the University Honors Program curriculum and feature small class sizes, dedicated faculty members, interdisciplinary perspectives, active learning and an exciting array of topics. These classes can be accessed by searching under University Honors in the catalog. The following is an example of a General Honors (GH) course that has been offered in the past. This course may or may not be offered again.

GH301: Comparative slavery


Course Description

This course is designed to familiarize you with some of the main themes in the history of world slavery, although focusing on the western hemisphere. We begin with a brief look at classical slavery in Europe and Africa, then proceed to a more in-depth examination of African slavery in the Americas, between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries. Finally, we look at emancipation and the transition to freedom in comparative perspective, including the related question of race relations after the end of slavery. Throughout the course we discuss several common themes in the history of unfree people: legal status; demographics and work routines; treatment or "conditions of life;" community and culture; access to freedom; relationship to the culture and society of free people (whether of the same or another racial background); and life after emancipation.

Instructor: Dr. christopher olsen